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Posted by Doomshammer on Saturday, January 13. 2007 at 16:10 in Anwendungen, Computer, English only, Privat, Thoughts, Web
In times of public observation of people and governmental forced email inspection, I am wondering why so many people in my environment don't use tools like PGP or better the free alternative GPG for signing and encrytion of their mails.

I know and am using GPG since over 10 years now, and the list of people I am able to send GPG encrypted mails, is less than 20. I know that in the beginning of GPG it was very complicated to use it with common tools like you MUA. But today there are so many different tools, that assist you with it or a lot of MUAs that have direct GPG integration (like TheBat! or Mutt which I am using at home). Today I searched for a Outlook Plugin, as a look of my friends are using it and I found this project which seems to work as well with Outlook 2003: http://www.gpg4win.org. I also use GPG to sign mail, so that the recipient has the posibility to verify that it is me who sent the mail. Why not use this feature. SPAMers, viruses, trojans- all this shit is using mail to send out their crap to other people. If you get a mail which seems to be sent by me but isn't digitally signed, be sure to at least have a closer look at the mail header, as I am used to sign nearly every mail.

Another tool that allows you to encrypt your communication is Jabber. The XMPP (or better- the Jabber protocol) allows PGP/GPG encryption if your client allows it. I am using PSI which has a pretty nice GPG integration and works out-of-the-box with GPG (even on a Windows XP box). But in my roster there are only 3 (of about 60) people which are using encryption, and I am wondering why?

So here is my appeal: People encrypt you mails, chats, communications and important files so that you have better control of who is able to read you communications and your files. You are welcome to send me your public keys so that I can add it to my client. And you are welcome to send me questions for assistance with getting GPG running on your system as well.

And to give you a little insight who is watching/reading you, find some links below:
- Die schoene Welt der Ueberwachung
- Abhoerverpflichtung von Mailhostern
- Bundestrojaner
- Ermittlungsverfahren "Mikado"

And some links about PGP/GPG:
- Kai Raven's introductions into PGP/GPG
- Using GPG with Jabber (Kai Raven)
- "GPG? Was?!"
- Why you need PGP

Update: As deifl mentioned- encryption should be easy. So here is how you can access my public key: Just click in the navigation bar on "Contact" to see my contact-details. There you can find my Key ID with a link to the keyservers that hold my public key, plus you can directly download it from my webserver as well as you can find the fingerprint.


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